HAM Radio launch Party

This is the first HAM Radio broadcast so a very warm welcome to all our global readers! 

Now, I admit immediately that I might be rather over optimist here in referring to ‘all’ our readers let alone our global audience since it assumes anyone is actually going to read these broadcasts which I admit is highly unlikely. But, forever the optimist, and in the off-chance, you are idling your time away with a glass of wine in front of a screen (when you should probably be doing something really important like unloading the dishwasher or putting out the dog), or have deliberately, or accidentally landed here, I and my devoted colleagues extend the warmest of welcomes, and hope to provide in the following broadcasts a little light relief and hopefully, just occasionally something that might be vaguely interesting or diverting.

As I sit in the extensive broadcasting studios of Hammoon, actually my study, with my highly trained research group, Olive and Mabel (our Labrador and Dachshund) at my feet, who always look at me with loving appreciation and agree with everything I say (well most of the time)! we have decided after very little thought and on my suggestion, to skip work for the day and go to the ‘HAM Radio launch party’ comprising a selection of ‘doggy treats’ cup of tea for myself all to be followed by a good walk along the river – a proposal that appears to have been adopted unanimously and with much excitement.

More to come!